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Fundamentals of Yoga

A slower paced, yet challenging learning practice that emphasizes the basics of poses. Time is allowed to fully understand alignment and how to achieve the best pose for your body and your flexibility. 

Basic beginners and those who want to further their understanding of poses

Wednes 7p

Sat 8:00a

Sun 9:30a



A blend of styles with emphasis on awareness, intention, alignment and breath. Some classes offer a gentle rocking style to ease the body open, and others offer familiar elements of a flow class.

 Wed: Beginners

Sat: Advancing Beginners

Wed 5:30p

Sat   9:15a



**NOTE:  Flow classes (also known as vinyasa flow) use consistent, steady breathing to link a series of poses together in a flowing, fluid manner, encouraging the body to open and the mind to quiet. Flow classes tone the body and lengthen the muscle tissue to improve overall  strength and flexibility


Gentle Flow

Slower flowing movement linked to breath resulting in a mindful and peaceful practice.

Beginners, seniors or those looking for a slower paced class

Tues 8:30a



Restorative yoga is a rich practice that focuses on deep support, both physically and emotionally. The practitioner is held by bolsters, pillows and blankets for sustained periods of time in deeply rejuvenating postures. Students are led to their most profound level of relaxation using rich imagery, incredible attention to ease, guided meditation and restoring pranayama/breathing practices.

Beginners or those looking for a gentle restorative practice

3:00p Sun



Flow All

Flowing movement linked with breath, sequenced mindfully to emphasize the transitions between poses. Modifications are provided so that practitioners can choose their own level of practice.

All levels, beginners to advanced

6:30AM Thurs

Noon on Mon, Tues, Thurs, Fri

6PM on Mon & Tues

5:30PM on Thurs, Fri


Flow 2

Same as Flow All, but includes more challenging poses – not recommended until you have experienced 5-10 or more Flow All classes and are becoming comfortable with the names of poses.

Those looking for challenge, more advanced & experienced yogis

Wed Noon

Sun 8a or 5p





Heated Detox

Detox yoga revitalizes each system of the body in a variation of Bikram yoga. The classroom is heated to 95° to speed the detox process and deepen poses. Poses are done twice; holding for longer in the 1st set; shorter and going deeper in the 2nd  set.

Beginners to advanced who can adapt & acclimate to heat

Mon 7:30p

Thurs 7:00p


willPower & Grace

High-energy, barefoot cardiovascular hour for mind-body practitioners offering the foot-fitness conditioning that athletes need. Philosophical & physical; a full-body functional workout. Strengthen your feet while progressively correcting imbalances in your ankles, knees and hips.

No yoga experience; intermediate fitness level

Tuesday 7:30p


Yin Yoga

A complement to the more active Yang Yoga practices or athletics. Yin Yoga targets the areas between the knees and the navel and works to lengthen both muscles and connective tissue.  Postures are typically held for several minutes.

Appropriate for all levels.

Tuesdays 6:30AM







Flow yoga for all levels practiced with the modifications needed for pregnancy. 

Pregnant women – all trimesters

Sun 11a







Dharma Punx


Peer led sitting group practicing the teachings of the Buddha and Noah Levine; intro given at the beginning of class, then guided meditation. 

All welcome; donation class

Fri 7:30p


Dharma Ocean

A community using meditation to awaken to one's genuine life.  Led by Sean McNamara, a senior teacher in the Dharma Ocean mandala and a long-time student of Reggie Ray.

All welcome; donation class

Sun 6:30p



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